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Accredited treatment for mental health & substance use problems

Northpoint provides a full continuum of integrated behavioral health care in our treatment centers across the Western U.S. We offer a variety of inpatient and outpatient treatment programs for adults with substance use and mental health disorders, and specialized teen behavioral health programs. Whether you’re looking for help for yourself, a loved one, or a patient, don’t hesitate to contact us - We’re here for you!

Northpoint's Story

Northpoint was founded by a small group of recovering addicts whose lives were once spiraling downwards as they battled substance addiction. At some point, they all either felt ashamed, isolated, or hopeless - Like they had hit rock bottom.

Similar to many others, they were made to feel that their addiction was due to a lack of willpower or self control. Fortunately they were put in contact with specialists and support groups that helped to change their perspectives.

They were challenged to go beyond their physical dependence on drugs and alcohol to address what was causing their addictions - the psychological factors. This is what really set them on their road to recovery and became the foundation of Northpoint’s treatment philosophy.

Today, they are a testimony to the fact that living sober, healthy, and happy lives is completely attainable. They appreciate just how fortunate they are to have beaten their addictions and strive to give help and hope to anyone fighting their own.

Since first opening its doors in Boise Idaho in 2009, Northpoint has opened 7 other locations in Pacific Northwest.

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I am extremely proud of what we have created at Northpoint Recovery. We get to do something we love and help people change their lives.

John Flanagan - CEO, Northpoint Recovery

Mental Health Treatment For Teens

In the past decade, the need for mental health treatment services for adolescents in Washington State and across the country has grown significantly. Northpoint’s IMAGINE program aims to provide support to teens ages 12-17 in need of intensive mental health care.

Our Programs

Northpoint provides treatment for:

  • Substance Addiction
  • Mental Health Conditions
  • Medical Care Needs

We take an integrated approach to treating adolescents. Our programs provide a comprehensive range of therapeutic services such as medication management, counseling, psychiatry, and alcohol & substance use counseling. Our goal is to help adolescents restore and maintain their lives and relationships through compassionate behavioral healthcare and evidence-based clinical practices.

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Teen Mental Health Treatment

  • Day treatment for teens 12-17 years old with behavioral and mental health conditions
  • Crisis intervention for increased psychiatric symptoms
  • Therapy sessions - individual, group, and family
  • Treatment provided 5 days per week, 6 hours per day.
  • Teens are assisted with discharge transition planning to integrate back into the community, including schooling & ongoing care

Substance Use & Mental Health Treatment Programs For Adults (18+)

Inpatient Detox & Rehab

  • Stay in a safe & supportive environment
  • Receive 24/7 support from a full medical team
  • Prescription medications to ease withdrawals
  • Ideal for people with severe addictions

Outpatient: PHP & IOP

  • Designed to accommodate your work, school, other commitments
  • Stay at home and come to our facility for treatment
  • 10-30 hours of scheduled treatment per week
  • Ideal for individuals with moderate addictions

Meet Our Team

The Northpoint Difference

Our passion comes from the diversity of our people - both the ones we treat and those that work with us to provide an outstanding level of care. The different backgrounds, ideas, and perspectives make us stronger and more equipped to help our patients change their lives and restore their relationships. Many of our employees are currently in recovery, so we genuinely understand and empathize with patients when they reach out to us for help.

Northpoint’s Executive Leadership Team

John F

President and CEO

Erica L, LCSW

Vice President, Idaho Market & Corporate Director of Clinical Services

Teresa M, LPC, ACADC

Vice President of Start Up Operations

Nycole T, BSN, RN

Vice President of Patient Services

Julia H, MPH

Vice President of Revenue Cycle Management

Logan S, MHA

Vice President of Corporate Development

Autumn H

Vice President of Human Resources


Vice President, Washington Market


Vice President, Nebraska Market


Vice President, Colorado Market

Mark W

Vice President of Patient Access

Kevin G, CFO, CPA, MBA

Chief Financial Officer

The staff here do everything that they can to provide a safe and welcoming environment for young people to heal.

Daniel Griffin, Corporate Director of Imagine

Management Team

Daniel G, LMSW

Corporate Director of Imagine

Danielle F

Corporate Director of Outreach - Imagine

Susan C, BA, SUDP

Director of Clinical Outreach


Director of Strategic Development

Jamie B

Director of Human Resources Washington Market

Cooper L

Corporate Director of Alumni Services


Corporate Director of Utilization Review

Haley R

Corporate Director of Marketing and Digital Strategy

Hannah R

Corporate Director of Revenue Cycle Management

Lauren H

Talent Acquisition Manager

Ryan R

Corporate Director of Quality and Risk

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